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Yes, we are that band that Sings Hanging by a Thread. Posts by Jason Wade, @brycesoderberg, Rick W, and Ben Carey.

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2056 days ago


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biayou 2054 days ago

Memories of a happy past. You and Me ♥

LarissaZanolla 2054 days ago

GabbsGR 2055 days ago

You and Me it's special for me ♥ Good Luck guys☺

PsychO_Jen 2056 days ago

Oliver....oh man. "You and Me" is one of my favorite songs ever. It's amazing & so are you guys!

mtvb 2056 days ago

"You and Me" is one of my favourite songs! BEAUTIFUL!!! But please, don't sing about Oliver! lol

MP1710 2056 days ago

I LOVE IT !!! this is the first song of yours that I've heard and I'm a big fan ever since

andiesanae 2056 days ago

Such a cute song...

littlelotte86 2056 days ago

One of my fav songs of urs! That n 'First Time', the chorus gets stuck in my head CONSTANTLY lol. Ur songs r addicting Jay!! I'm just sayin....Who am I? hahaha We should all say that now :P

lifehouse_rocks 2056 days ago

How did you like performing it on "Smallville" one of my fave shows.

lifehouse_rocks 2056 days ago

One of the most romantic songs ever. Oliver people love it.

ddritzenhein 2056 days ago

Cool Photo

BexyNurse 2056 days ago

Haha! I love it, it's great to have a good sense of humor! You could & me, and I love the people, but I don't know why...

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FirstTimeCloud 2056 days ago

Oliver people!! :) Jason how I love your humor!

VMonika 2056 days ago

love the song,made me wanna listen to more.thosealt lyrics...wouldn't notice the difference :))

SoyMayy 2056 days ago

YAY! i love it...!! i love u guys!

JulyJuleivy 2056 days ago

yeeeeei (: