Brian Baumgartner


I am an actor. Kevin Malone is my hero. I was told to try Twitter....but it scares me.

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2612 days ago


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chloe4293 2589 days ago


happyharpo 2612 days ago

why do i think of mr. magoo when i see this adorable face

AriEleni 2612 days ago

aaaahhh how ADORABLEEE!

bunnysan 2612 days ago

that's hella cute:D

iamwonderwmn 2612 days ago

What a face!

chrlsdmrs 2612 days ago

Merle, the camera's over here!

brittanydorf 2612 days ago

Looks super cuddly! And probably has competition in the "idiot" category with my pup Kevin....

RitchiePhotos 2612 days ago

What a poser! He is absolutely gorgeous!

writerlane 2612 days ago

You: Rollover, Merle. Merle: WhatchutalkingboutBrian?

joanierocks79 2612 days ago

Awwww...Very cute, very squishable face!

k_song 2612 days ago

Is that a sharpei? Mixed with something? Well, whatever he is, he's adorable and very attentive. :)

jenwiehl 2612 days ago

Aside from all the "cute", "smooshable", etc comments...just what exactly is he?

phlemberly 2612 days ago

I really just want to kiss him on his little face!! You have to love him for the face alone! This is his long lost brother speaking of idiots-->

Cpt_AwesomeHFKT 2612 days ago

no, I am going to say that is one of the most hideous dogs I have ever seen. I hope he doesn't pee everywhere.

Peggster 2612 days ago

I think he's adorable. how can you say such things about something so cute?? :D

luvs_roday 2612 days ago

He's handsome!!

michelleYpalmer 2612 days ago

Aaaand THAT is the best dog on the planet. I love him already.

amaditalks 2612 days ago

Look at that face. What a sweet squishy face. *pet pet pet*

foodrox 2612 days ago

Aw! Wow, I'm not a fan of dogs at all but he looks like adorable!

movetheair 2612 days ago