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The best Teddy Bear in the whole wide world!

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2277 days ago

The best Teddy Bear in the whole wide world!


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JuSplit 2100 days ago

*-* sonho de consumo!

cristiante 2225 days ago

que osote tan preciosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yo y mi novia somos muy fanaticos de los ositos

DarielaJaraE 2225 days ago

Guauauau me encantan los ositos, osotes, jajjaj

hericajade 2255 days ago

Wow ! So cute!

melanycuttica 2257 days ago

grandote!! me gusta !

ihmaameerachira 2269 days ago

haha :) ♥

annaluazul 2272 days ago

Wow! Supercute!

wiredhyperspace 2274 days ago

not if he want my picnic basket

jo_a_nna_ 2275 days ago


hollywood880 2276 days ago

Nice bear, was that one of your daughters bears?

DenKrem 2276 days ago

He would scare the crap out of me if i were to run into him in the night.

1LiveForYou 2276 days ago

Wow.....that is a big teddy, very nice....! Kisssss

s_maizonave 2276 days ago

Teddy Bears are awesome! (Does It have a name?) *.*

OwlFootyLass 2276 days ago

Half of my wants to hugs it, half of me wants to keep watching to see if it moves (scary)

SuperIffy 2276 days ago

thats not the picture of a teddy i was hoping to see lol i was hoping the words you and silk in there

AprilJonnes 2276 days ago

oh my gosh! that's more than a teddy bear! awesome!

stephenream 2276 days ago

Teddy Bear???? More like BrokeDaBACK Bear

ClaudyaMcDaniel 2276 days ago

So sweet! I love it!!

LlamaBeThyName 2276 days ago

This "Teddy Bear" looks more like "Alf"! lol

Kardala 2276 days ago

from where i can get one?? *kisses*