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Yes, we are that band that Sings Hanging by a Thread. Posts by Jason Wade, @brycesoderberg, Rick W, and Ben Carey.

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2055 days ago


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StehWade 2053 days ago

radioactive banana's. Don't eat them. o.o

ddritzenhein 2055 days ago

Yah!!! It's Nanaers

RosanaPearl 2055 days ago

Bananas from Smallville :D

TeamLifehouse 2055 days ago

are they glowing in the dark?

Willa_marisa 2055 days ago

awesome! glow-in-the-dark bananas. Should hand those out at concerts. safer than lighters ;p

littlelotte86 2055 days ago

well get them out from under the green light 4 starters...haha jp kind of looks like it tho

mtvb 2055 days ago

month I guess... lol

Isis_Csj 2055 days ago

Hulk's bananas

islandrockr 2055 days ago

Yikes! If you're prepped for the after effects go ahead and have a bite in a few days! =D

divaballerina 2055 days ago

I wouldn't eat those if I were you... they look kinda... um, radioactive??? =S

melissagerman 2055 days ago

Why are they glowing green? They look like Kryptonite bananas!

anne1013661R 2055 days ago

Toxic glowing bananas? Cool!!!

lifehouse_rocks 2055 days ago

Ha ha this could take awhile, but then maybe your gorgeous voice could help them along :D.