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I got me a better shirt. It's still smedium but it's new. Check out the view.

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2053 days ago

I got me a better shirt. It's still smedium but it's new. Check out the view.


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itsbrownbaby 2032 days ago

damn Cham me and you some little niggaz.. if i didnt know any better i'd think that was me standin there.. lol!

MsTabbyM 2053 days ago


Parceled 2053 days ago

This can be a album cover these pics look cool

swanson_48 2053 days ago

thats what ridin dirty does for a brother nice pic cham live it up u deserve it.

ashleymeggan 2053 days ago

Jk I'm sure u would at least give a girl a drink or take her to Denny's. Thx for the pics!!

gyynnaa 2053 days ago

cuuuttteee lolo

ashleymeggan 2053 days ago

Can u buy me a smedium shirt so I can tell ppl I sucked koopas dick n all I got was a lousy tee?

purpleduchess03 2053 days ago

i think we can agree that your makin the shirt look good...regardless

MeikaPlatinum 2053 days ago

lol sorry shirt

MeikaPlatinum 2053 days ago

dont know about the shit but you against that background look crazy' love it

Ladi_in_6lue 2053 days ago

Chamillinaire is Chamillionaire smedium or not still gets mad love :)

mizzclassy04 2053 days ago

Looking good Cham I like this pic of you nice :)

BrwnVxn 2053 days ago

Either way...You still look good :)

littleluvnut 2053 days ago

Pure beauty!

Suckafree93 2053 days ago

Nice shirt... but where did your right leg go??

_MELXXVIIIxo 2053 days ago

hmm dat looks proper styll! <3