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I made some basic sea creatures.

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1596 days ago

I made some basic sea creatures.


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CheshireShadow 1584 days ago

One of THE cutest anglerfish EVER. X3

imxfallenx2 1591 days ago

mer-man cooooooooooollll can it be a drop plaes

veneeria 1595 days ago

they look great, though the fish-man chest there looks awkward.

LordSlayR 1595 days ago

cool, nice!

Zakristone 1596 days ago

Fish people make good seafood...

SS_AQW 1596 days ago

Fish people >.>

spirato12 1596 days ago

NICE fish makes pet

Selanoth 1596 days ago

OMG good

NovaDraconisAE 1596 days ago

Run fishy fishy... :) Good pics.

McShmoopie 1596 days ago

Oh yey I love glow in the dark sushi! 8D

Ryuyasha 1596 days ago

Look awesome miltonius

ReddyTheCat 1596 days ago

Anglerfish armour? o_o

Mageofnocturn 1596 days ago

yeah, an armor drop from the merman would be great!

RetrocidoNegro 1596 days ago

Wow miltonius...great work as always! Can i request a humanoid type armor with the same arms as that?? :3

HSsai 1596 days ago

here fishy fishy fishy =3

AQWGustavo_8 1596 days ago

Very cool!

XxthelightxX 1596 days ago

very cool! :)

ShadowSeeker_ 1596 days ago

Awesome as always. Fish looks hungry :o

Cailun_Ileggnib 1596 days ago

That Merman(?) has a very awesome gauntlet.

iiicutieiii 1596 days ago

CORNINESS UNITE :O Tenemos los mejores amigos para siempre