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This is Alyson tweeting, not Alexis.

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2270 days ago


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LaraPizzi 1992 days ago

Were they talking to each other???

lemeure 2184 days ago

i love you guys :) ♥

LouisdeFrance 2266 days ago

how dare you!! :)

LouisdeFrance 2266 days ago

dont tell me i dont fit in the 30 something green tree hug crowd!!!!

LouisdeFrance 2266 days ago

wheres sarah prinze?

LouisdeFrance 2266 days ago

your acting sucks!

lhpenguin 2267 days ago

I would bid If i had the money, great cause though! And I love how i met you mother! Fav show! :)

nobody_knows2 2268 days ago

so sweet

s_miranda8 2269 days ago

-suit up! :D

CanoPinto 2269 days ago

I cant afford this wonderfull bid (U$ 1500)! But it is for good, hope it keep rising, for the children in Haiti. Your fans are proud Of You <3

JenDBradley 2269 days ago

"I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad" so I could win this. Love you guys!

AmandaJL_80 2270 days ago

im so in love with Jason :P

MinLopierce 2270 days ago

Colbie is so beautiful. You guys looks so shiny. :)

x_Trish 2270 days ago

oh my.... this look like an iPhone add XD

killbaby13 2270 days ago

I bidded all the money I could. Tattoo artist don't make much money. Hope you win anyway!

wonka_ 2270 days ago

Awesomeness! I wish I was a millionaire. But if you want to call me anyway, I wouldn't mind. =]

GreenBandit2010 2270 days ago

It would be an awesome phone call. But you're currently going for $1225.00, and I can't afford it.

bookie1978 2270 days ago

Wish I could bid, but after losing two weeks of work, I am behind on my bills and can't afford it

KatieKirkeyy 2270 days ago

Can't afford to bid! but congrats to whoever wins, its the greatest prize ever.

salinasgustavo 2270 days ago

I wish I had a credit card :P If you wanna call me anyway pm me LOL. Argentinian and proud!