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Okay, so now they changed their mind about the wig but I still look ridiculous

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1393 days ago

Okay, so now they changed their mind about the wig but I still look ridiculous


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Dafyozo 1245 days ago


N_killadelphia 1255 days ago

haha u do look rediculous.. but 4real.. u could wear a dress.. and still be da boss. Tyson for ever

heytonylee 1381 days ago

Haha Mike you look awesome!

Pahim 1389 days ago

So much funny! :D

ferpipiu 1389 days ago

LOL you look awesome man!

SugeKnight310 1389 days ago

hey Mike, Anyone Ever Tell You Look Like JAMES Brown?

BruceBlitz 1391 days ago

Hahahaha bro now this is some funny shit!

CaIiakaSarah 1391 days ago

You son of a dirty stinking whore, and his father you do not know because your mother is a whore!

CaIiakaSarah 1391 days ago

fuck your mother a dirty bitch))))

NoLaw92 1391 days ago

.. I raped that bitch lol

scott_whitehead 1391 days ago

haha, nice set. but you know Arsenio Hall is gonna want that back.

slikbxr 1392 days ago

u pulled that new edition joint off well my man

EmrahCeri 1392 days ago

I seen you sing with bobby brown, that was crazy funny, are you dancing this time?

Eels88 1393 days ago

you going to accuse Mike Tyson of rape but look at all the "fuck me" tweets you have sent out Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Eels88 1393 days ago

Damn Mike, did you pull that off MJ's died body? jk

atticladderman 1393 days ago

power to the people

Marat_Bazarov 1393 days ago

Of course it ain't funny for surroundings... Who wanna be KO'ed? :-)

Cream_ToKiio 1393 days ago

SDFU.! Jeez.! if you dnt like Mike then hop da fuck off his shit...smh

Cream_ToKiio 1393 days ago

Nooo...they shld have kept the wig.! it wld be sooo much funnier.!