Mike Tyson


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On set now for @funnyordie. Check out how ridiculous I look. Wait til you see what Wayne & I are up too!

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2321 days ago

On set now for . Check out how ridiculous I look. Wait til you see what Wayne & I are up too!


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Irreeena 1978 days ago

А кто кому ухо-то откусил тогда?

str8_808 2012 days ago

Mike u need to finish that

str8_808 2012 days ago

Hey Mike u kina look like James Brown

darnold0714 2121 days ago

He looks like a swoll Marvin Gaye!

rochanda12 2133 days ago

this is funny !

britney_tequila 2161 days ago

#EURI u_u

scofildcolt 2191 days ago

vlw , boa pinta ...

AlexPavlovskikh 2242 days ago

Mike Presly)))) and his smile)) he wants to say smth!

AnthonyLapa 2250 days ago

Pay the cost to be the boss......

GamCappa 2254 days ago

lmao #dead

StudioOfDesign 2258 days ago

Кабзон на гастролях)

_Killer_Barbie 2258 days ago

Its james brown's double!! lol

Rock_n_roIIa 2262 days ago

must be head&shoulders commercial or Mike just wearing a scalp of an enemy he just killed

tyrnandy 2267 days ago

А я тебе реально говорю! Я чуть не обосрался! Там за шторой Валуев

Marat_Bazarov 2267 days ago

that was a joke :-) keep on commenting!

rustem_gareev 2267 days ago

Пора начинать бояться видимо))))

Marat_Bazarov 2267 days ago

Special thanks to , don't forget to comment it in your own Stand Up COMEDY style. But think before saying something.

Marat_Bazarov 2267 days ago

Hey, dudes, could you please write down your comments on English! Mr.Tyson will read through them. All winners will be KO'ed in good brutal style, the best he can do for you! Take care. PEACE

dimon_saintV 2267 days ago

Элвис ЖИВ!!!)))только потемнел не много..