Kim Kardashian


Hey Mona Lisa!

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1632 days ago

Hey Mona Lisa!


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JessicaAvilez2 1232 days ago

Omg you girls look Alot ... Both of U have the same smile!!!

TheGeralLara 1542 days ago

Mas fino!:D

AnnVeryHappy 1566 days ago

you are very similar to your mom:) beautiful

0ART0 1619 days ago

"Still and video photography is permitted for private, noncommercial use only in the galleries housing the permanent collection. The use of flash or other means of artificial lighting is prohibited.
Photography and filming are not permitted in the tempora

JessieTibble 1619 days ago

Everybody takes flash photography of the Mona Lisa so F YOU!
Love you kim xxx

LeaSwet 1620 days ago

mona lisa

Marielita_Baten 1622 days ago

hey you MRPHOTOGRAPHY1 if she is a dumb why are you in her twitter??? Yo are an IDIOT!!

makeupbylay 1625 days ago

i hate you! your not suppose to take a picture with a flash in places like this. dumb american!

NaturalCelebs 1626 days ago

The truest of all beauty is N A T U R A L !!!

shuggarr 1626 days ago

owh i had the same photo with her she is so small (monalisa) i did use flash but the security didnt mind =D

Moritaah 1626 days ago

hhaaahhaaaa!! Mona Lisa :D love it

sonacorona 1627 days ago

You guys look so much alike

JDrewB_Fever 1627 days ago


keezo75 1627 days ago

gee Kim, it's forbidden to take a pic of ML.....noughty noughty..

FabulousAunt 1628 days ago

gorgeous! Love the back ground!

CociubaDenisa 1628 days ago

wow...awsome pic

Zavannahi 1628 days ago

nice pic.

Erin_M_Sykes 1628 days ago

3 gawgus babez!!!!!!!!!!!xxx

Rawan06 1628 days ago

omg in this pic u look just like your mom

ElGuicho 1629 days ago

No Flash!!!! How dumb do you have to be to not understand that sign: