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This is Alyson tweeting, not Alexis.

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2322 days ago


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wonka_ 2321 days ago

She was a no-good b.

BuffyFanFix 2322 days ago

brave lil munchkin. u showed that bee. Satyana wins!

stephclayfield 2322 days ago

Violence never solves anything :)

wall8 2322 days ago

Poor Satyana. :( I always run with panic when I see a bee near to me.

walter3ca 2322 days ago

Pushing 60 and never had a bee sting (knocking on wood).

Rogerborg 2322 days ago

Bee is good eatin', just don't over cook it.

alerjikbunye 2322 days ago

it was quite big :) my condolences.. :)

LucaScandiani 2322 days ago

I hate bees. :(

____Dima 2322 days ago

the bee just sleeps :D - tired of the fight... hehe

smallishelfone 2322 days ago

Awww, poor Satyana. Looks like the bee died a hero.

MrItty 2322 days ago

...*waits for PETA to launch a complaint against 's bee-murdering daughter*. :-P

SHwaitforitANE 2322 days ago

"You-sunna-bish" - Lily

callasyndra 2322 days ago

bad bee! At least she's not allergic, that would have been much worse...

anacarbolina 2322 days ago

Ohh, I wouldn't handled it like a champ, Satyana was great then, hahah

puddlesplashers 2322 days ago

step on it