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It's on starting tomorrow nite

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1977 days ago

It's on starting tomorrow nite


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yesenianora 1886 days ago

thank you for kicking his ass you made me proud boo :)

lorettalechelt 1932 days ago

I've been watching the show. Josh Kosckeck has got to be one of the most impertinent human beings I have ever heard. You make us all proud with the patience you show.

JosieViecili 1934 days ago

É isso aí arrasaaa de novo com Josh Koscheck, tu é o mehlor!!! beijos...

phakoyz 1969 days ago

team GPS>>

cerm2086 1974 days ago

koscheck's a meathead - he's gonna get 'owned' hopefuly i'll be in the crowd cheering on GSP

PolskiChleb 1974 days ago

Team GSP!!

ZuriahDavis 1976 days ago

Team GSP obviously!!!

Gabygabgabs 1977 days ago


jaywillow74 1977 days ago

you the best to do it gsp..remain humble and take out all your roadblocks

DamnSkippy2415 1977 days ago


Jackstar69 1977 days ago

Go get em' Georges! All the best, and I found Him, so you're off the hook my man - signing off.

ga_bid 1977 days ago

GO GSP...♥

Super_Cartel 1977 days ago

GSP is a greeser he wont be able to cheat outta this one lol
Koscheck all the way

ElmerAugusto 1977 days ago

GSP 100% ALL THE WAY ...Poor Koscheck..wont last one round!!

Chris_Ollett 1977 days ago

i can't wait George. Good Luck and Great Fighting.....Go GSP

DKoppJr 1977 days ago

I'm sticking by Waynesburg native Josh Koschech. This will be interesting!!!

smokeablizz 1977 days ago

If you chose Koscheks side your a douche!.GSP ALL DAY!

Parapraxis1980 1977 days ago

Team GSP all the way baby!

ninchyka13 1977 days ago

Yeey, can't wait. :) Koscheck doesn't stand a chance :D neither his team :) Go Geroges!!! :)

_LastAngel_ 1977 days ago

がんばって ね!