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Do u think the female reporter at the center of the JETS locker room controversy was dressed appropriately while int. the players? Sound off

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2322 days ago

Do u think the female reporter at the center of the JETS locker room controversy was dressed appropriately while int. the players? Sound off


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link2all1 1643 days ago

twtt4free 1646 days ago

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LauraMoyo24 1809 days ago

I think its fine just that she has lil extra so what who cares its just jeans n a shirt right??

Renieb21 1964 days ago

She just look sexy in her jeans, so what?

coolsweetgroovy 2216 days ago

I don't think she was Wendy Imean look at the outfit she's dreessed more for going to the club

fabulousnnc 2295 days ago

HATERATION!!! Leave that woman alone. Look at what the damn cheerleaders for Dallas Cowboys wear. And we all know that behind the scence what they must get into with the players. Hell I would. They aint dropping it low for nothing PEOPLE.

LaurenW0323 2316 days ago

.:|(~!*I Find All Of These Comments A Bit Humorous! She Has A Body That Most Women In America Strive For, So Why Are You Ladies So Jealous?? I'm Pretty Sure She Has Established Her Own Fortunes, Why Does She Need A "PLAYA" To Keep Her Up? Seriously!

StackofBananas 2319 days ago

It is appalling that people think that her clothing barres her from being given respect.

BankerAl 2320 days ago

She can dress the way she wants but not in a Men's Locker Room!

DiversityIzMe 2321 days ago

This Silly Horse next time ya leave the stable with spandex denim, untuck ur shirt, sluts r 4 kids

LilDetroitMama 2321 days ago

We call that "HUSBAND HUNTING!", if you dress like that, you can't be uptight. If you want to be taken seriously dress accordingly. -female sports photographer, Memphis TN

dorjepadma 2321 days ago

Even football players should train as gentlemen. Even football players.

tiggi915 2321 days ago

what do you expect going into a men's locker room looking like that? Leave our NFL players alone & find another job!

Koukla480 2321 days ago

and DEF cant get mad when she goes in a locker room full of players expecting to be taken seriously..

Koukla480 2321 days ago

She can wear whatever she wants, BUUUT she cant get mad when someone says something come on lady...

WWW2000 2321 days ago

should have been a black sister instead. I know she was just looking for attention and yes money too

jorydude 2321 days ago

Chillax peeps, let her be herself...don't be too uptight... she's foine...

2rotten4ubabe 2321 days ago

Let's just say she wasn't leaving anything to the imagination....she got the reaction she was looking 4!

Miss_Shalonda 2321 days ago

Lol I think folks should leave her alone she's fine.

sndgab88 2321 days ago

I am a woman and love sports. It is time women realize that if you are going to be in a men's locker room (which if you were a student would not be allowed) then you are going to see naked men and hear comments especially if you dress like she does. If