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@wilw Super Mario 25: A dramatic re-enactment.

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1717 days ago

Super Mario 25: A dramatic re-enactment.


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RocketJaz 1716 days ago

Dare I say how wonderful the hijinks that ensue will be? Dare I?!

TheDivineMrsJ 1716 days ago

Pure Awesomeness!!!

darealgerk 1716 days ago

Bravo, I say!

Paulius1981 1717 days ago

Ha! Was Questionable Content's 'Awkward Zone Averted' comic the inspiration for this?

SuperfoodGirl 1717 days ago

My kids LOVE this photo :)

Shandilliahosen 1717 days ago

This is so awesome.

haliphax 1717 days ago

Holy friggin' crap.. that is hilarious.

MandaMentality 1717 days ago

The top hats and coattails complete the ensemble perfectly.

Nos14 1717 days ago

Lol. Awesome!

Dreedles 1717 days ago

The "pinkies out" is key. :)

SexySavvyGeek 1717 days ago

I just shot hot coffee out of my nose. Thanks! *laughs*