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Great weekend with hubby and his family but now it is back to work for us! Play hard-work hard!

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2319 days ago

Great weekend with hubby and his family but now it is back to work for us! Play hard-work hard!


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19ardagh70 1938 days ago

Truten_PioneerI think your hate is because you are secretly gay.Dont be afraid to come out, its ok!

AMO2 1938 days ago

Love is what is left in a relationship after all the selfishness has been removed.
Cullen Hightower

janisrosa 1969 days ago

you two look great together!!!

flaviaz 2107 days ago


peterhazaria34 2190 days ago

that's ur relationship which makes u stronger

McCartney79q 2197 days ago

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fungusnimbus 2197 days ago

gee people, what's the matter to you the age difference? i don't get it. you look awesome, demi!<3

eimiles035 2204 days ago

And the same photo without clothing:

Miguel_Ouellet 2204 days ago

Viva the Chirurgies !!!!

Miguel_Ouellet 2204 days ago

Wow! Demi, you really have a beautiful smile very very white.

tatywainer 2215 days ago

ain que invejinha da demi, gato (:

SerenaSantista 2219 days ago

Ohhhh I forgot .... ignore the envious and poor in spirit...LOL ( but ....I think you already do this...hehehe). Love u!

SerenaSantista 2219 days ago

I hope that this love prolong for many, many,many years. I admire both of you! Kisses!!!

ZENSPORT 2242 days ago


LisaGlover_x3 2252 days ago

Ashton Kutcher. *_*

DarielaJaraE 2264 days ago

Se ven lindos, felicitaciones

martykutch 2276 days ago are beautiful =D

Truten_Pioneer 2283 days ago

Filthy old whore who dared to have two husbands and them divorce them.You whore who is bound for Hell!God hates you!

xiqilla_01 2283 days ago

ashton I love u!!

Truten_Pioneer 2286 days ago

Realize Demi.He is a young energy guy who needs acts,and you are an old piece of wood who passed the age of life acts.