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Check out my trashy highlights for The Reasonable Bunch! Thank God they are temporary!! Haha!

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2319 days ago

Check out my trashy highlights for The Reasonable Bunch! Thank God they are temporary!! Haha!


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jennyjohnson65 1872 days ago

the glasses dont frame your face very well, i would change them to a smaller oblong style ..... <3

Graziano81 2122 days ago

Wonderful Demi

AminaVanWettere 2195 days ago

You look very beautiful Demi!!!!!

cholly44 2260 days ago

demi you look great ALLLL THE TIMMEEEEEEE you are awesome keep it up !

cholly44 2260 days ago

wow - francineok - you need to relax LOL sooo jealous of demi arent you?!?! you need 2 relax LOL !

MJButterfly 2269 days ago

are these people serious with the negitive remarks?! Come On! you know what they say: " opinions are like _ _ _holes, everyone has one. geesh!

francineok 2277 days ago

pretty much anyone could look good w/ all the money for plastic surgery, lypo, etc.

francineok 2277 days ago

don't worry about the "trashy" highlights....lots of people have them and don't think they're trashy...but you should stop posting pics of yourself in a bikini in your bathroom...that's what 15 year olds do and you are waaaayyyy past that.

hericajade 2294 days ago

You're so pretty!

ismalarraco75 2294 days ago

you're still as pretty as always kisses. ismael

LaureneMorvan 2299 days ago

Good glasses

Illegra 2301 days ago

but it IS trashy honey. She wasnt insulting anyone, just making observation.

ndyanks99 2305 days ago

Great job insulting people that have them in their hair!

dinahgail 2310 days ago

but i think they look pretty!!!

dsueizzle 2313 days ago

you are absolutely beautiful, and if you can pull off a bald head and be sexy you can pull off any look!<3

kaeltow 2314 days ago

Hey Lady! welcome to michigan I live in the Ann Arbor area, and I feel I must comment on the vitriol surfacing here on a community blog. designed with the purpose of connecting human beings to each other for the well being of all. Also you Look Good, girl

artfuldodger217 2314 days ago

Well in all honestly I think you look lovely, not your best look, but yes you are still very beautiful x

baby_syl 2315 days ago

I would worry more about having a brain than those trashy highlights...

vance74 2316 days ago

Very Lois Lane.

marcicochran345 2316 days ago

Y'all kiss too much ass. Yes, Demi is usually gorge, just not here. Twidiots.