LeBron James


ST.V-M Class of 03

Look at them boyz! Haaaa

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1853 days ago

Look at them boyz! Haaaa


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ThetopnotchShow 1818 days ago

Ur so freankn fine!!!!! Ur wife is really LUCKY....

SARAH_ESTELLE 1837 days ago

your so tall. im in <3 wittttch u

charlieoh 1844 days ago

Mr. James, is that train in the background yours?

MajorKitana 1846 days ago

SexyJones4u 1847 days ago

I like that u r about to take the train ;)

SwaG_DistriCt 1847 days ago

Kobe gay...LeBron tha man

SelfT 1849 days ago


YEAHkilluminati 1850 days ago


FacemanPeck 1850 days ago

Hey Bron, hows that mysterious elbow injury of yours? Will you quit on your team if it starts to hurt again?

wizardsk8 1850 days ago

you're da man.king james...wow---you're the best

Jkridge 1851 days ago

u the fuckin man bron and u not evn my fav play drose is lol but man im sick of these bum broke ass niggas talk shit bout u

Jkridge 1851 days ago

niggas hate! tell them hate some mo! voice lol fuck these niggas bron and go shit on kobe

Jkridge 1851 days ago

ya and punk ass niggas get off this nigga jock boi! punk ass lame ass niggas

Jkridge 1851 days ago

been readin alll the shit these faggots on here been sayin bron...fuck these mark ass niggas u da king

FacemanPeck 1851 days ago

You fucking suxck Bron you coward faggot. You couldn't win so now your riding the gravy train off Wade's back. You will never be mentioned in the same breath as Kobe or Jordan. Overrated choker

CCityNews 1851 days ago

Coward, wanna be a follower instead of a leader.. Miami aint winning shit!

DannyCleveland 1851 days ago

bunch of douche bags. fat ass Randy doesnt have a doughnut in his hand- that is a rare pic

freeoffers4alll 1851 days ago

Want LeBron gear? Sign up before sept 20th and recieve a 250$ footlocker gift card!!!

Supaman1974 1852 days ago

Look I'm from Cleveland and was a HUGE LBJ fan I"m not upset he left just dissappointed in how Go Cavs

MC_ATG_ 1852 days ago

Wow its amazing to me how these retards on here hav a lot to say wen they dnt even hav to deal,wit the situation he did but let's go king get these rings n get the haters even more pissed off.