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bossy tween &

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2215 days ago


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jotemcarmen 2161 days ago

Maybe Indian weekend?? to feel the music of the rocks?

HiHelloHeyThere 2171 days ago

This is the BEST picture I've seen ALL day!! Lovvvviiiiing it!!

ashleyhead 2174 days ago


Lorrriii 2178 days ago

hahaha 2 cute!!!

Music_Junke 2178 days ago

dude how can u have a mad face with that on? this is too funny!

_Disasterr 2199 days ago

young man.. theres no need to feel down, i said young man, pick yourselff off the ground (i think thats what it says lol) there's no need to be unhappy!

_girlfight 2209 days ago

I actually burst out laughing when I saw this for the first time..Classic x

ashpersico 2213 days ago

what the hell? you look really pissed off!

blueiiidchick 2214 days ago

Cool pic...very native....LOL

Kattoria88 2214 days ago

Awesome shit, Tigerlily..

Coolstuffbien 2214 days ago

Ello gov'na ..Lol

RomiTissera 2215 days ago

you are so funny!
I love you,, can you follow me? :$

Conradisadouche 2215 days ago

HAHHHAH ur so funny, best man alive

MaiaGC 2215 days ago

Hahaha this pic is just hilarious! I can't stop seeing it.
Ok ok, it's not THAT funny.. JUST KIDDING! hahaha you're a genius Joel.

ISupportPattz 2215 days ago

I never thaught I'd see this in my life!!

totallyleek 2215 days ago

i like your mocassins. i don't even know what a mocassin is.

carmentothemax 2215 days ago

too fricken funny.

tatiduff 2215 days ago

jajajajaajaja ! TE AMO ♥

Ayshashaa 2215 days ago

hahahah!! nice Joel!

mariecobain 2215 days ago

Whoa, you rock the feathers! Nice guitar, btw. What is it?