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This section of the bridge is ready to ship to California

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2317 days ago

This section of the bridge is ready to ship to California


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Nithin 2315 days ago

So, even the Bay Bridge will say "Made in China"?

luisabcmx 2316 days ago

impressive the infrastructure

mrfusion 2317 days ago

so China is building things that we here in America can build ourselves. what happen to brings jobs back to CA?

cutechella 2317 days ago

u look gr8!!!!!

justin_pl 2317 days ago

Wow that's great.In my city we need a new bridge and people from town hall are faithing about place for bridge .

bostonlion 2317 days ago

See dat guy's it's a girly build hehehe.I eat dat for breakfast.

tgdaniel60 2317 days ago


Wills_KE6SOP 2317 days ago

there is something very wrong w/this pic on so many levels,unemployment,economy S/B Ca Made

_FirePower_ 2317 days ago

It could be meant a relationship between two countries. to benefits each other through friendships and economy, who knows? Just an speculation, again as long as he is getting it done and to benefits californians.

GREdwards13 2317 days ago

Even American Bridges are being built in China. WHY? These bridge section should be MADE IN CALIFORNIA!

_FirePower_ 2317 days ago

There is always a reason why the governor wants those section of the bridge being built there. It could be cheaper and less of a headache, who knows? As long as it benefits californians, why not? I support the Governor 100%. Great job Governor.

Duffman06021979 2317 days ago

I can't wait to drive on it!

valescajackes 2317 days ago

muito bom legal

jimmyq99 2317 days ago

I don't live in CA but I find it silly that the bay bridge was outsourced to China. How is that justifiable in today's employment market?

SamhainNight 2317 days ago

It should have been built here. Local jobs and public safety should be your priorities as governor.

beebee880 2317 days ago

hay we have stuff here going on why are you in china just to look at trans who cares sign it now

icewine_co_jp 2317 days ago

Dear Schwarzenegger.
You are as very as the movie active. I am assisting from Japan.

JimLewisCEO 2317 days ago

And why wasn't it built here? Unions and Environmentalists . . . it's a pity

Warship_rolling 2317 days ago


dizzheart 2317 days ago

What are we going to use to pay for it?