Aziz Ansari


I'm on tour. Check for tickets. Bye.

Got my huge ass bottle of Martinellis. Shits bout to get wild!!

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1816 days ago

Got my huge ass bottle of Martinellis. Shits bout to get wild!!


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SaimahS 1811 days ago

hahahah love it!

thiagodiniz23 1811 days ago

like pary!!!

TatianaAmelia 1812 days ago

Haha! dope.

ShaQ1nJ 1814 days ago

priceless ahahaa

nickboehm 1815 days ago

get wild in lawrence tomorrow, we are so excited to see your show!!

onekindofgal 1815 days ago

by the way you i think should try rocking out one of those deeep scoop neck tees like kanyes rockin.

onekindofgal 1815 days ago

shits makin me amped for Thurrrrrrrrrrsday!!!!!!!!!!!

dariarae 1815 days ago

you look like john stamos here

cubistry 1816 days ago

Your ass doesn't look huge at all.

SteezyEgg 1816 days ago

Yeah, no doubt!

ranilaaaaa 1816 days ago

go ahead, boo! get down and dirty with apple juice! dahaha

Haley_Selassie 1816 days ago

ZOMG too awesome dawg

zamilian 1816 days ago

To funny.

waterblocknyc 1816 days ago

martinelli's!!!! better than hennessy

nazzthespazz 1816 days ago

Aziz you look like a little boy without your beard!

JTcommercialmix 1816 days ago ::hopping around::

grahamblackall 1816 days ago


galibco 1816 days ago


EmilyER 1816 days ago

Is it just me, or is this the embodiment of AWESOME.

BLAQStyle 1816 days ago

LOL seriously.