Jo Koy


So good it's unbrrrvvvbrrr

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2649 days ago


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IAmDukeAsher 2465 days ago

like father, like son haha! do you both get happy meals at mickey d's?

sufikm30 2553 days ago

father and son jo he looks like you

dtreen2 2602 days ago

DADDY! I do dis ting wit da uder ting!

ImMsYou 2617 days ago

Adorable son. "Chicknaen mcnanuggets" !!

Mom0darling 2617 days ago


darnnizzle 2624 days ago

Hahaha. I love the facial expressions from both you and your son.

BoTyKlr 2629 days ago


jajajanea 2641 days ago

him and his damn apple dippers. "JANEA I DON'T LIKE FRENCH FRIES!!!" he hates the french too :\

evawonka 2641 days ago

haha...this is a funny but cute pic!

Ahurley21 2642 days ago

hahaha nice

supergirl_dork 2647 days ago

like father, like son haha. cute.

KaylaRoseWorden 2647 days ago

cutee!! haha.

BlooJae23 2648 days ago

love the faces!!!!

JustNzinga 2649 days ago

Were the McNuggets that bad?

natabraska 2649 days ago

Like father, like son? Awesome.

xKaylaa1D 2649 days ago

LOL little Joe is so cute. I was just watching the video of him beating u up and thought it was the funniest and cutest thing in the world!