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Dinner is beer chicken.

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2320 days ago

Dinner is beer chicken.


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LuizaSousa 2243 days ago


Paris_the_dino 2296 days ago

Hahahahahaha Ah hahahahhaa

JaoBaia 2304 days ago


lu_bodeman 2310 days ago

Poor little chickadees. haha

Meilyy 2313 days ago

Drinking, and eating from the chicken.. Convenient.

Johmni 2314 days ago

Pending Rotation!?

Johmni 2314 days ago

They was pan wrestlin' but they got to wait theya turn...

Johmni 2314 days ago

Bbout face..asshole!!

Johmni 2314 days ago

One for you and one for the baby sitar, playa'!?

ms_tenaaa 2318 days ago

That is quite interesting! never try it b4

lnlbee 2319 days ago

Morbidly delicious.

mbisdanishboy 2319 days ago

the one on the right looks like it's playing the piano are squatting for a sheet.

Sneeonidas 2320 days ago

Guess what? Chicken Butt. Now how do you drink the beer?

alongcamemary1 2320 days ago

lol...looks like hes about to dance or something..hehe yummy chicken :)

RosemaryRitcey 2320 days ago

cooking chicken sitting up just makes them seem too human for me.

CallitaLimon 2320 days ago


janettwokay 2320 days ago

I loved it when my friends cooked their chickens that way. Yum!

mljwa 2320 days ago

my family totally did that with a coca cola can

Diana_Meredith 2320 days ago

They look like 2 sumo wrestlers about to FIGHT!

And they strangely look alive...Cook 'em already!

towny513 2320 days ago

this picture cracks me up...I just peed