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The line for Halo Reach has already started in Times Square!

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2113 days ago

The line for Halo Reach has already started in Times Square!


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HaimLZ 2111 days ago

LOL looks like my city line but that's how it gets at midnight :,(

tjberens 2112 days ago

Nice comeback. But seriously, you'd have to be stupid to pay $15 extra to get it one day early.

MrKevinHurd 2112 days ago

Seattle is the place to be not newyork, you can't beat having 343 and bungie in your backyard.

mschob09 2112 days ago

How do u kill one with no life?

StripeyButt 2112 days ago

Do you think you know that you have to wait for it to ship? They're in line for a premiere launch. You're stupid.

iHORTYx 2112 days ago

fair play to them!

iBl0WdR0 2112 days ago

fuck halo

Schlayer 2112 days ago

They will get their game at 8pm on the 13th, as well as getting an autograph from the developers.

Schlayer 2112 days ago

Most of you don't understand that this is the Premiere Launch Event

xCaptainAmazing 2112 days ago

midnight launches can be fun, but these guys are WAY too early haha.

backatya86 2112 days ago


PaauulR 2112 days ago

Why do people do this...I pre-ordered mine on amazon, got free release day shipping, and a $20 GC.

Thiaog 2112 days ago

gross xbots

ny_powerhitter 2112 days ago

I remember those days of waiting for a new game, freakin awesome

_Wiriamu 2112 days ago

, Yeah But It's One Of The Biggest Games Of The Year, So Let Them Have Some Fun.

Stance_Punk 2112 days ago


tjberens 2113 days ago

Do you think they know that you can preorder it online and have it shipped for way cheaper?

C0nn0rmcl 2113 days ago

I have the same hoodie as that guy.