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Guess Who's leg?

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1785 days ago

Guess Who's leg?


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eunhee95 1547 days ago

donghae, kyuhyun, siwon

khlood1990 1582 days ago

legs of DongHaae,LeeTeuk,Min ho.

jessica_defaria 1629 days ago

DongHae , LeeTeuk and Siwon :D

DewiTriantini 1669 days ago

from left to right:
Donghae, Leeteuk, and Siwon :D

G_ShieY 1676 days ago

Like the others said:1.DongHae 2.LeeTeuk 3.SiWon.. Cx

pinochio_tang 1690 days ago

why don't you tell us the answer? dong hae is number 1 ^^

erincaiden 1692 days ago

i guess thats you donghae oppa,teukie oppa,,and kyuhyun???not quite sure 'bout it.. ahaha :))

donghae oppa..we miss you a lot here in the philippines..come back pls...SuJu fighting! :3

kikimmi 1692 days ago

donghae . leeteuk . siwon ooopaaa ^^

Gaemkan 1701 days ago

don't know

IITunaII 1704 days ago

It's for 3 members of super junior legs hahaha d:

ALYSSALUVSHINee 1708 days ago


sadiadoc 1711 days ago


TleZ_KiRa 1718 days ago

fishy ! :) donghae oppa, leeteuk oppa and siwon oppa ! ^^

YukaHimetari 1721 days ago

BADA legs ^^
BADA where are you~~

Bellita2 1724 days ago

Sexy legs!! :D

THAIGIRLx 1725 days ago

^^Donghae(<3)->Leeteuk->Siwon, right?

basbo0osa 1727 days ago

>.< Cuute mmmm you & siwon & tuek

Dhanny89 1728 days ago

donghae, leeteuk, siwon :P

EnnEt4Life 1729 days ago

donghae ryowook kyuhyun

lo0oloo123 1732 days ago

oh~ donghae oppa I love you and I Miss you T_T دونقهي احبك ELf arab ,K.S.A O_O