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Checking out a high speed rail train and meeting the conductor in Shanghai

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2204 days ago

Checking out a high speed rail train and meeting the conductor in Shanghai


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Kroukez 2175 days ago

"I need your cap and train!"

zogl 2202 days ago

"мне нужна твоя кепка и поезд"

patriciaclare 2203 days ago

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dmt195 2203 days ago

"Welcome to Jonnycab! Please state your destination."

bostonlion 2203 days ago

if you don't go faster! dan get da fuck out of my way buddy!

5uds 2203 days ago

"Get out".

Marat_Bazarov 2204 days ago

Let him talk with some smaller guy :-) Looks like he's afraid of You, Mr. Schwarzenegger

S1NNGH 2204 days ago

Must b asking that how fast we can reach Sacramento..but plz stop at Toronto too..

Lrb12c 2204 days ago

"Make it GO!"...Scared the Hell outa the guy, had to change his shorts after that...

WEALLHOPE 2204 days ago

Italian Frecciarossa fast trains carry over a million passenges per month, and can be improved - other countries do a lot better

WEALLHOPE 2204 days ago

San Diego to San Francisco is 500 miles. Milano to Naples is 500 miles. A 4 hour and 10 min. trip on Frecciarossa fast train

a_musedly 2204 days ago

I *smell* trouble!

WEALLHOPE 2204 days ago

Hey Anold, try speaking to him in German ... he might just understand you better.
After all, that train was built in Germany - LOL

6Mike1 2204 days ago

Welcome to Tokyo ! We'll be backing you Governator!

Venssador 2204 days ago

I love trains--this is a really cool picture! :D

Iamnegative 2204 days ago

'Doesn't this thing go any faster ?...I need to get to John Conner'

shaggieshapiro 2204 days ago

Too bad Meg Whitman will f-up your dream of high speed rail if she gets elected.

mrfusion 2204 days ago

this seems like the moment in a Arnold movie, saying there's a bomb on the train.

tgdaniel60 2204 days ago


KennyKroll 2204 days ago

Mr. Governer, good and hard work.