Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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1946 days ago


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Eriesisgod 1832 days ago

boooooo apple! booooooooo!

phed0017 1857 days ago

Can you hear me now???

gnatlock 1862 days ago

The comments here are hilarious. You've got some rare fans, Al.

mmona99 1866 days ago

You've got that vintage pac man app. too???

EricSeay 1869 days ago

"...left turn at Albuquerque, etc., etc. I gotta tell ya, this thing doesn't do jack underground!"

krazybritusa 1888 days ago

Yes, you're lost, no you're not in Kansas out for falling houses.

geekmetal 1896 days ago

(looking at Google Maps)"See, RIGHT THERE. We should have taken that turn back there."

Belugatoons 1911 days ago

Wait a minute, did you take this picture with that phone? But then, how can you be holding the phone in the picture which you have taken yourself with that same phone which you are holding in the picture and... Arrrrrrrrh! My Brain!

lesslee43 1912 days ago

damnit scotty..."I said Grand Caymans, not Canyon!!"

ldinlove 1913 days ago

I knew we shoulda taken a left turn at Albequercue.

Danielle_E_D 1913 days ago

Any reception?

backtracks 1914 days ago

I guess you could say that it is ironic

cobcatnipdew 1916 days ago

When in AZ come visit!

frankiestarship 1925 days ago

technologically handicapped? haha jks

stephanie2967 1928 days ago


mamanilu 1930 days ago

is that a picture of you twittering that is now on twitter?

J0c3linn 1932 days ago

i like your hair =] ur cool shit dude haha

photoline 1933 days ago

If you can't bring Mohammed to the mountain, call Dial-A-Peak.

rricha2835 1935 days ago

you now there is no range there

sstaver 1939 days ago

I think it's totally awesome that Al has an iPhone! :D :D :D