Demi Moore


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The tall drink, undeniably Ashton but I'm putting my best foot forward!

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1314 days ago

The tall drink, undeniably Ashton but I'm putting my best foot forward!


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AvantGarde73 1239 days ago


mosqueterabb 1263 days ago

oh! I donĀ“t know .. but ... this picture reminds me of someone LOL

johnnylbush 1288 days ago

Mr. & Mrs. Kutcher, That's Art! :)

Deeds184 1313 days ago

Where was this?

Teppleton 1313 days ago

what is that on the shadow? a bulge?

Donwa2 1313 days ago

Purple shadows and sunvisor shadows make perfect couples :)

Naydeeners1989 1313 days ago

I can see your feet Demi!

71LesPaul 1313 days ago

Blue jeans, blue purse, blue shoes, Go Blue!

bluntio 1313 days ago

Cooooool picture....!!!

eMtotheCe 1314 days ago

shadow pictures are the them ;)

florxi 1314 days ago

good picture!!! :)

OpalDust 1314 days ago

i love your ballerina flats!

michael_n78 1314 days ago

but i dont think u live on the shadowside :p

NewsThristy 1314 days ago

lol...yes, you definitely are.... :)

MVisinoni 1314 days ago

Who's holding a video camera?

kade6767 1314 days ago

Shadows of your former selves, two souls as one while you move with forward steps, love has it's place

malakmj 1314 days ago

thats a nice 1

bigdawn 1314 days ago

Glad to see you enjoying Iowa at their best <3 you two for showing support!

thesphinx1 1314 days ago

nice foot..though i was hoping to see more of your

lotsagirth 1314 days ago

Ashton's a goof.....u can sit on my face anytime, Demi.