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2734 days ago


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ludovicah 2717 days ago

Wow its Melanie! Hi Melanie.. shes awesome! Thats folks and she's lovely

KrisKrueger 2728 days ago

so tell me...who's this lady?

JaeLees 2729 days ago

I miss Thirty something....wonderful actress & that is def. u Mr Blue Eyes!!! Lucky ......

seddy82 2729 days ago

dude u guys need to get the fuck back on the road and hit up denver. i work at the rock station 106.7 kbpi and we are chompin at the bit

theriddler19 2729 days ago

Yeah...I think I bit mine too.

vvaalleerriiee 2733 days ago

OMG, I just bit my tounge.

semeier09 2733 days ago


clintonsanford 2733 days ago

Dude it's just wild seeing pictures of stars as ordinary people.

LadyNicolina 2733 days ago

pretty eyesss (kristelle has the right idea! lol)


BadassAvery 2733 days ago

At first I was disappointed I couldn't see your smile, but DAMN your eyes are beautiful.

RoxiGunz 2733 days ago

one word... SEXY!

TheCrazyLirpa 2733 days ago

I want that hat!!! ps..she looks like she's fun to hang with. a very genuine smile.

thaisnavarro 2733 days ago

marry me?

SophieTaleb 2733 days ago

the comments r cute invites to ... well u know,but not mine,i think most celebrities r dull and unimaginative,dyu agree?

stonejams 2733 days ago

Too cute! You're eyes put me in a trace!

fallenaudience 2733 days ago

Fred, you´re awesome : D Please visit an tell me what you think about it, somehow, per e-mail, or as a @ tweet... I woould be so fuckin happy, cuz you are my idol, since i was 11 years old... So I would jump 3 meters high in the air

GiggleBiscuit 2733 days ago

WOW. I am not one for casual sex and not one for the rocker white boy either but my god. i think i would DO him. i would.

TheWomanInBlack 2733 days ago

Wow -- Mel looks great! Hardly aged a day since 30Something.

allwayswrite 2734 days ago

cute pic... what 'cha sayin in her ear? huh????

AngieBarria 2734 days ago

i love your eyes ;)