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Best Seats in the house! I can't  wait!!!!

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2238 days ago

Best Seats in the house! I can't wait!!!!


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giftreasures 2185 days ago

Wow it seems like a lot of eminem ass kissers on here.

giftreasures 2185 days ago

ARMJOO comase culo

Icaront 2236 days ago

Nick Shake that thing Go Nick Go !

Obzest 2236 days ago

Zest Clothing ! Crazier than Lady Gaga :O

browneyesxx3 2236 days ago

you got lucky nick he was barely there lmfao

victor_ferraz 2237 days ago

That'd be so funny to watch LOL I wonder who would seat between both...

Armjoo 2237 days ago

I know that you wanna sitting beside EMINEM to s..k His d..k But You Can't

Armjoo 2237 days ago

What Do You Say
You Wanna Fight With Eminem
F..k Your Wife
You're so funny nick

browneyesxx3 2237 days ago

LMFAOOOOOOOO omgg right by eminem that should be interestingg ROFL

1RealDiamond 2237 days ago

LMAOOOOO hahahahaha

kaarthikk 2237 days ago

Hez gonna shoot u dead... mthrfkr... he wud have got ur new tract lyrics by now...

lilicarj 2237 days ago

hahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go nick shake it off

TheAimiZafirah 2238 days ago

what to do with ? is she gonna involve the fight too? LOL

darlingenemy 2238 days ago

You are good person Nick and have a good love and family. Keep on it!

darlingenemy 2238 days ago

Eminem is sucks. Full of pain and shit. Should Iron his mouth, cut his tounge, pull out all his teeth, crash his head under the car. End of the story. No kids will learn his scumbag language anymore from any media.

gdizzal78 2238 days ago

haaaaaaaaaa nick stunting
thats diddys seat

gdizzal78 2238 days ago

lol he still making money ballin all day

chrismendiola_ 2238 days ago

You wish you were that important. You'll sit with the ordinary people because they, like you, have no talent.

veralovesEMINEM 2238 days ago

LOL, this is so fake. These are the real seats.

You WISH you were sitting next to Eminem punkkkkkkk.