Christian Kane


nah... @jonrog1 nothing to worry about bossman! #TwitPict

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2143 days ago

nah... nothing to worry about bossman! #TwitPict


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Lasingsforpeace 2132 days ago

smooth move ex-lax!

Sam7173 2140 days ago

...yep, u definitely kill that one....what is it with boys and toys anyway...?

NoriVarga 2140 days ago

dont worry about? then show something that's worth to worry about! interesting, great night xD

Linda_Kroon 2141 days ago

Good job! I like the new look. :-)

TwoHawksDancing 2142 days ago

::blink:: Looks like my first car. Except this one has a better paint job.

Foxin 2142 days ago

Okay if you must be guy's guy, just promise you won't hurt the pipes.

OzE_G 2143 days ago

Okay, someone needs to explain CMX driving to me. It looks suspiciously like demolition derby.

Chiron723 2143 days ago

Really? It looks like something to worry about.

lissa612 2143 days ago

I've been in the auto repair industry too long...I'm mentally writing an estimate of the damage

whimseyrhodes 2143 days ago

Way to go, you OK madman! We're just all glad you didnt get dead!!!(and im sure is 2!)

gencatginny 2143 days ago

Did anyone get a video of this???

sroses13 2143 days ago

wasn't that Steves side of the car?

violetrayven 2143 days ago

Holly effing shit! dude you tore it up!!!! You seriousely deserve a beer of 10 lmao!!

desi_jane 2143 days ago

looks like you had some fun with the car : )

BrokenHoofbeats 2143 days ago

Lol, please tell us how you did that! It looks like you had a good time xD

vapaola 2143 days ago

Dude, your mom will be pissed off!! Have you told her yet? RT nah... nothing to worry about bossman! #TwitPict

Cnuk994RFR 2143 days ago

Oooh, even messier in the light!! Gotta love it!!

Jendeana 2143 days ago

The cars says fun was had, Fact you posted it says your still around to do it again:)

Gypsy_at_Heart 2143 days ago

Now that looks like it was a helluva lot of fun. I'm officially jealous.

Krystahlx3 2143 days ago

that is freakin sweet! you should have taken a video!!!