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Imagine no religion.

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2176 days ago

Imagine no religion.


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MrAbzMan 1710 days ago

Imagine No Ignorant

RatBatard 2042 days ago

It's a great thought but there are still too too many fruitcakes out there at the moment....

yeaimfamous 2137 days ago

#np John Lennon- Imagine

Marce11o 2161 days ago

Well, without religion wouldn't have the 9/11 attack still happened?

5thRing 2161 days ago

Atheism IS a religion.

krisatm 2175 days ago

As if there would be some kind of right people to do "brain-washing"

SplitSpade 2175 days ago

"illiterate people being "brain-washed" by the wrong people" is exactly what religion is!

tjeerdvanrhijn 2175 days ago

religion is not the prob...illiterate people being "brain-washed" by the wrong people is...

thegonnagle 2175 days ago

Not hard to imagine. Harder to persuade those that have no imagination though.

jamesshine 2175 days ago

All that you touch, and all that you see, is all your life will ever be...

Chiron723 2175 days ago

Just puts a smile on your face.

afazrihady 2175 days ago

Imagine no company deferring advancing energy technology to create energy scarcity to maximize fortune.

temperatelogic 2175 days ago

You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one.

doombreed 2175 days ago

I love how when it's soup kitchens it's all "People do good because of religion," but when it's suicide bombers it's all "You can't blame religion!". And the Communists and Fascists didn't eradicate religion, they changed it, making the party/glorious lea

MattTrue 2175 days ago

What about religion-free communism, Penn? Millions killed-I think u meant 2 say "Imagine No Islam"

Sabbalabba 2175 days ago

That....That's beautiful.

sloover 2175 days ago

that's exactly what i thought that day. American Exceptionalism is also a religion, fuck that bullshit

picoVerse 2175 days ago

The city with the biggest tts in the world. ... Look - they're arcing.

picoVerse 2175 days ago

Let there be light.