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Good morning beautiful New York City

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2320 days ago

Good morning beautiful New York City


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TeodorTrifonov1 1787 days ago

Mmm..New York...

namtrawsirhc 2314 days ago

HOLY SHIT!! You really can see Jesus in this picture, look on the right side of the reflection!!!

crushsomeone 2316 days ago

that looks like a total cluster f... give me south texas any day.

darrickbingham 2318 days ago

instead of this shot...since u r in their house get a shot of Beth-O ass...or Ralphs! Good times!

ddladner 2319 days ago

On my Blackberry, not only does the reflection look like the twin towers, there is a clear image of a face that looks like Jesus mid-way up the right 'twin tower'! wow!

MrsJDeon 2319 days ago

I didn't know you were there for fashion week! ;)

TruthSeerum 2319 days ago

Empire State of Mind 9/11

maneymann 2319 days ago


driftinround 2319 days ago

Thank you Jimmy

bekahmark 2319 days ago


katy4cook 2319 days ago

Wow, that is beautiful!

StephakneeSays 2319 days ago

I actually thought I wasn't going to cry this year. Not so, and it's all your fault!

jon4835 2319 days ago

Interesting. Images of drapes, a TV, and a flabby nude guy appear in the window reflection.

Dogwhisperer14 2319 days ago

As a lifetime New Yorker....I LOVE NEW YORK!!!

2wEnTyThRe3 2319 days ago

The reflection of what looks like ur shades also looks like the twin towers. . .and its 9/11 crazy

nskuski 2319 days ago

that looks amazing! i wish i lived in new york city

puppsanjoe 2320 days ago


mmorn 2320 days ago

good day from canada, we're with you nyc!!

AnnalenaMaier 2320 days ago

i love NY as much as i love LA. and...i live in LA, but now I'm in london :D

avik_10 2320 days ago

Really, mind blowing picture