Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

I'm screwed.

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2127 days ago

I'm screwed.


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loveakiwi 2060 days ago

That's nothing. I have a 13' metal rod down my spine.

twentypaws 2080 days ago

yes but doesn't everything else look healthy!!!!! woo hoo!!!

raveeem 2105 days ago

i had my same bone broken few days back, drink chicken soup it will heal fast my doc told me be safe

astone4 2106 days ago

Maybe it was just the article that was fake :)

astone4 2106 days ago

This was a fake picture posted on April Fool's Day by the website... fools.

dickherts 2109 days ago

Lance, does that stay inside your body? I noticed some screws go up, some go down. They attach to the metal piece and, I'm guessing, the bone?

ChristinaRene 2110 days ago

WOW Lovely Clavical Shot...look @ all them screws...ouch!

lanasan 2111 days ago

Good luck getting through airport security!

Danielovstedal 2117 days ago have been through worse:)

KatC_Mitchell 2118 days ago

haha! Hope it don't hurt :P

macdevinesofine 2119 days ago

What is that? If you don't mind answering...

JPChiesa 2119 days ago

Remember to recycle and save those for your next home remodel.

bdmccrea 2119 days ago

You have 4 more screws than I. The thing that hurt worse is when the nurses tried to put on the "collar" to pull your shoulders back. Just about passed out.

Oakbike 2122 days ago

I broke my collarbone and wrist only yesterday while training.Still hurts a bit..But seeing you Lance recovering so quickly makes me really stronger!

bjmartin 2123 days ago

Cool and ouch. Have a few of those on the arm. Rehab sucks but very important.

mbharrington64 2123 days ago

need you in France!

mbharrington64 2123 days ago

I broke my collar bone (not to the same degree) in 7th grade and when it happened I literally thought I was going to die (wind kocked out of me etc). Then two weeks later I crashed on my bike and then I WANTED to die. Be safe and don't take chances we n

pleaseseeus 2123 days ago

Most painful injury I've had was the little 3rd degree sep shoulder - feel ya'! That's seriously gonna leave a mark!

pleaseseeus 2123 days ago

chicks do dig the scars though!

Louie_Kapoohy 2123 days ago

Ewwww...Dont turn the microwave on!!