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Holy Shit!!! that was awesome!! I survived. the car, did not.  #TwitPict

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2209 days ago

Holy Shit!!! that was awesome!! I survived. the car, did not. #TwitPict


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OnaleeSeeds 2207 days ago

Holy Shit is right!! What are you DOING!!?? Please be careful ... no more scars on your body!

ddeppfan21 2208 days ago

Looks like so much fun, wish I was there to see it.

RaeRae 2208 days ago

that car is DOA

Moony2394 2208 days ago

holy mother flipping mcnuggets!!! happy your ok, but jeez, be careful

Riki0113 2208 days ago

What are you doing? Burn my hair is! What would have happened if ..... think it bad. Take care of yourself!

juanie78 2209 days ago

Shit that looks awsome good to know ur still here.

christinarule7 2209 days ago

Looks like you had a great time! Wish I was there!

LucieTheKaniac 2209 days ago

Good God, I'm glad that you're still with us!

mouseblues 2209 days ago

Congrats! Any race you can walk away from... Wink!

Krystahlx3 2209 days ago

dude thats awesome!!!!

Fairy_Maven 2209 days ago

What did all the others look like?

Lala_Lambi 2209 days ago

glad to hear you made it babe..that car is a wreck! what did your mama say?

annielicious14 2209 days ago

Dude!!! be careful!

Cnuk994RFR 2209 days ago

Awesome!!! You need to try out a Stock car.

PetiteRach 2209 days ago

Oh dear, so this is what you've been doing while I slept (Time difference)....thank goodness you survived!!!

bgsue 2209 days ago

Lordy, glad he saw fit to leave you with us. This would be too much to take. I cried for weeks after losing Stevie Ray. Please take care of your self!!

celenacutiepie2 2209 days ago

WOW!! BE CAREFUL!!!! ....LOL!!!

luvtoyou 2209 days ago

Ive Seen Worser!!! LOL :D y'all had fun!

MariannKnudsen 2209 days ago

That was a car? LOL

annieterese 2209 days ago

You killed the car!!!