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2432 days ago



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samrose1 2430 days ago

He reminds me of my Chucky, only the colors are reversed. Sweety pie

jaimilicious 2431 days ago

Aawww.... What a beautiful dog! I'm so glad that he'll be alright... I bet u feel really relieved, & so does he ;)

citydog 2431 days ago

Aww. I'm such a sucker for the oldies. G'Boy, Ralph. My old man dog (14 yr old Belgian) is having a rough couple of days, too.

HeartUponSleeve 2431 days ago

ohmygoodness..look @ that face! XOXO's for Ralph =)

KitOConnell 2432 days ago

I'm glad your dog is OK, Margaret! :) He looks so sweet.

doreesky 2432 days ago

Yes,yes so cute..great he's ok..buuttt what's that smell!?!? no,it's
not hot springs! perhaps that cyst was a trapped air pocket? I think
you should give another massage.. my cat is jealous.

ersle 2432 days ago

Aww...Ralph is just beautfiful!!!What a sweet baby. So happy he is going to be okay. He is lucky he has such a good mama:)

zoticatoys 2432 days ago

He is sooooo beautiful, Margaret! Bless his heart!

threefoldcda 2432 days ago

Looks like he is in good hands:) Goooooo Choooooo!

72jill 2432 days ago

Awwwww isn't he the cutest.

purtlepootle 2432 days ago

Am really glad he's okay! Twitter love to gorgeous Ralph! xx

Maraconover 2432 days ago

awh..*hugs and smooches to the pooch*

medusa194 2432 days ago

Sending Ralph lots of healing thoughts! Wuf! ;-)

faecrafter 2432 days ago

He's adorable! Many good thoughts and wishes his way.

spacemuffenz 2432 days ago

aww he's a beautiful dog!! i'm glad he's going to be okay!! xoxo ralph!!

TwatRock 2432 days ago

I just wanna cuddle him!

honk4peace 2432 days ago

Loves that he's snuggled up in the blankets. My minipins do the same thing. Funny!

krysinsa 2432 days ago


YumiFujii 2432 days ago

What a cutey!! He looks like my big boy Moe..Moe's an oldy too. :(

bastardsan 2432 days ago

awww I love ralph...hope is he okay. trixy and shibby send him their love. I miss him. can u give him a good assrub for me?