Christian Kane


yeah... I'm definately gonna die. and I haven't even raced it yet!!! #TwitPict

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2057 days ago

yeah... I'm definately gonna die. and I haven't even raced it yet!!! #TwitPict


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CWrites4fun 2057 days ago

Did you do that? Didn't know it was Demolition Derby!

gencatginny 2057 days ago

What?!! Please tell me this is for a Leverage episode!!!

LMTMandi 2057 days ago

Just ask yourself "What would Eliot do?"
Good luck!

Debiajacks 2057 days ago

Well I did say "fuck it up!" You're off to a good start.

TCupp63 2057 days ago

Woo Hoo how exciting!!

ASPSmith 2057 days ago

It's just a flesh wound.

SassAct 2057 days ago

COWBOY UP dude! They have roll cages rite?! Pedal to the metal, Babe! They're lettin ya smash cars up on purpose! How fuckin awesome is THAT!? Bein YOU definitely has its perks, obviously! LOL!

krazyheart1 2057 days ago

Nah...put a plastic jesus on yur dash...n GO. You only live once!!... LOL.

bailey6560 2057 days ago

I think once you get on the track, you will not want to stop. So have a great time.

luvtoyou 2057 days ago

Oh come on now... That's just a scratch!!! :P

lissa612 2057 days ago

At my body shop, we'd call that a sexy hit...Everyone okay? (I'm always reminded to ask that)

kardava 2057 days ago

No dying for u!

ContessaElan 2057 days ago

Um, there is no dying allowed! How you gonna do everything else if you're dead? Have fun dude!

GenyDeee 2057 days ago

yeah mister,got your contract in front of me- it clearly states: NO DYING!!! There u have it!

MissMeggles 2057 days ago

You are not allowed to die-end.of.story. Do well, and have fun!

luminous_mortal 2057 days ago

Lady Luck adores you -- Only way to kill yourself in this race is laughing too hard! ;-)

leverageite01 2057 days ago

Holy Crap! Do you have a St. Christopher's medal?

Mellomama67 2057 days ago

aww geez = / not lookin' too good. But u got skills, I'm sure of that !

horsesrmylife75 2057 days ago

Oh, that can't be good! lol. Be careful, but have a ton of fun!!!!

Depoetic 2057 days ago

OMG!!! PAHLEEZE be careful! ...but still... leave you opponents disabled in the dust! LOL!