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Let's play... Guess where I am?

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2147 days ago

Let's play... Guess where I am?


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BravoDirector 1876 days ago


RobertJohnHarve 2120 days ago

can i have the rubber gloves when your done?

DianeBrando 2141 days ago

It's a boobie rest!

Chris_Ollett 2144 days ago

or your at an alternative barber shop

Chris_Ollett 2144 days ago

i will guess you are at the dentist and this is a his new root canal procedure.

gibeyerson 2145 days ago

Back room at a TSA checkpoint?

JohnAsher1 2146 days ago

your bedroom?

MarkBradRule 2146 days ago

i like your white crocs..

PhyneAsssMamma 2146 days ago

Um. Ice cream shop. I've been there; they have THE best scoop.

kimbraroche 2147 days ago

I know! Its a stirrup :)

MardiGras30 2147 days ago

I dont know! LOL!!!

topboss75 2147 days ago

Nooooooo!!!! Don't do it....

ellis1976 2147 days ago

the puss doc?:)

DrRandPink 2147 days ago

I know.

Da_Perculator 2147 days ago

All I know is that my wife got a pedicure each and everytime before that was used. In fact they should use those at the spa.

RenaeM1018 2147 days ago

um....Disneyland.......hahaha, is that your purple purse on the ground??

Jesstyn 2147 days ago

PLEASE tell me those are CROCS that you're wearing, with a very daring Barney Purple PURSE!!! YOU're my NEW HERO!!! XD

1hotmama69 2147 days ago

I agree, nice purse! =0)

zappa2001 2147 days ago

I can think of about 3 other things you could take a picture of right now!

Soupinatrix 2147 days ago

Rockin the white crocks with the purple purse! Somebody's feelin sexy!!!