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EVP, LA Lakers - I don't write about bball just the things that go on around Lakers world

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1634 days ago


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Lakergal64 1604 days ago


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jc4moi 1634 days ago

Put your 3 peat game face on Phil----this is your leave me alone I'm on vacation look.

mlmstokie 1634 days ago

Yes! Looks great!

CGO_FB_23 1634 days ago

He actually looks younger with the beard.

michaeljhuber 1634 days ago

heck yes it looks good and we don't want to jinx the 3peat do we!

Aunks 1634 days ago

I like it! Go Lakers!!! Back to Back to Back baby!!!

yulieheartstony 1634 days ago

Yeah tell him it makes him look younger:)

thwipp89 1634 days ago

as long as he keeps it trimmed and manicured short.

KnowYouSeeMeNow 1634 days ago


mormonfulanski 1634 days ago

keep it, but stop trimming. get grizzly.

LakerFan4 1634 days ago

It looks good. I say keep it.

kimberlygmc 1634 days ago

Whatever it takes to 3peat...........Phil looks handsome either way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hugool79 1634 days ago

What ever it take to go back 2 back 2 back baby .go lakers

Beebeshire 1634 days ago

Yeah, he looks good. Keep it about this length though. Semi-rugged. No pretty boy this year ;-)

TerezOwens 1634 days ago

Best Hairstyles in Sports History: Phil Jackson the Lumberjack

Devotuned 1634 days ago

keep it yes

harryruiz 1634 days ago

Phil is the best coach in history, can't wait to see him back in the court with our Miami think they rock? Tell them we got their XMAS present waiting

andresh99 1634 days ago

Lol , I was thinking the same thing...keep it Phil! looks like the beard of a 3peat in making

cjuy 1634 days ago

Phil's pulling a Colonel Sanders, I see, haha