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Working on the Xbox team flipping switches since 2003 & Tweeting since 2006. Married to @thehappygirl

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1905 days ago


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BomberMerc 1905 days ago

You always have time for 2 sunflowers and 1 peashooter before the 1st zombie arrives. #pvz

DietwilightDie 1905 days ago

Just let the zombiez get tu your houz singed the zombiez #pvz

Infernus136 1905 days ago

I would say it has to be the pea shooters all the way. lots of them #pvz

DevinLehman 1905 days ago

So, obviously, start out by planting a sunflower in the back corner. Collect the sun and continue to create sunflowers in the back row until a zombie appears. Place a Wallnut in front of the zombie and then throw down some pea shooters to take em out. Oh

Hijak17 1905 days ago

cherry bomb is very useful

beezeefly 1905 days ago

Never forget the cherry bomb for when things get too hectic #pvz

Gambit3rd 1905 days ago

#pvz Remember to give a very hot welcome to your friendly neighborhood zombie using pea shooters!

Kanen30 1905 days ago

pick your plants strategically before each level don't pick what you don't need #pvz

JayCrazybear 1905 days ago

Sunflowers in the back and lots of pea shooters! #pvz

ReussDr 1905 days ago

Use Garlic to divert zombies to only a few "Combat" lanes #pvz

DJPaulyKay 1905 days ago


RiverCityRansom 1905 days ago

Move to a different town, preferably one without zombies. #pvz

SterlingEWright 1905 days ago

Use pea shooters to protect your sunflowers. #pvz

SINISTER383 1905 days ago

Make sure your XBOX is powered on...

Soulumin 1905 days ago

Build a calvary of lawn jockey pink flamingo riders and break through the zombie hoard using a wedge shape formation. Finish them off with Gnomadic Berzerkers armed with lawn staples, croquet mallets, & pink flamingo swizzle sticks.

Dunay_PL 1905 days ago

#pvz i don`t have tip, i`m beginner :D

davidpm95 1905 days ago

Use a lot of sunflowers!! #pvz

kofoed88 1905 days ago

#pvz to use sunflowers at the back.

Harbinger1080 1905 days ago

Don't underestimate walnuts or frozen peas-- AND PLANT A TON OF SUNFLOWERS!

azteg28 1905 days ago

#pvz Two rows of sunflowers and a row of chompers up front