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Co-Creator: Mortal Kombat. Creative Director: NetherRealm Studios

http://tinyurl.com/25kxbdr  Vote for Shao Kahn --->

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2354 days ago

http://tinyurl.com/25kxbdr Vote for Shao Kahn --->


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MKvsKI25 2167 days ago

Its Skarlet here's MY proof http://twitpic.com/48znny

MKvsKI25 2176 days ago

Its Skarlet if you watch the liu kang story trailer, he bike kicks cyrax and u can c her in the back.

_Kiteena_ 2177 days ago

Im "reviewing" this pic again. I think it's Skarlet/Ruby, you know... Maybe just my imagination =(

danmw 2205 days ago

LewisRyan92, that was clearly drawn by someone NOT on the MK staff. Sareena's costume for this scene has been seen already.

LewisRyan92 2213 days ago

People it's Sareena. Proof? Here it is:

tala4life 2221 days ago

its definately skarlett bcuz on mileenas new vid skarlett is tide up

syijuan 2259 days ago

Its so obvious that ya dont know what ya are talkin bout. theres is only gonna b like 26 characters so yea

MJfanSteph 2261 days ago

be in it,but she made her debut in the sub zero mythologies

MJfanSteph 2261 days ago

I wonder who it is?.But it is probably not sareena because Ed Boon only said characers from Mk123 will b

phillybreezy 2275 days ago

Skarlet?! Are you people SLOW? Ed Boon has already confirmed that there will be NO NEW CHARACTERS in this game. So that only means that of the few female characters left, one of them gets a radical makeover- as a different version of what we know (sinc

Xi325 2300 days ago

I hope its Female Ermac, Ed Boon hinted that ermac would MAKE A SPECIAL APPEARANCE. Plus we need more females. We only have Kitana & Mileena, and MAYBE Jade.

shadowkidd88 2340 days ago

Hmm I wonder who this is?

KoyoteStarrk 2345 days ago

When will we see an arm?

titns9er 2346 days ago

i bet it would of been kitana jade and meelina in the standard ninja costume saying they are all there

treblecleffman 2348 days ago

I have 3 important questions for Ed Boon, Hector Sanchez, Hans Lo, Dan Forden, and team.

1. When or will there be a DEMO for consoles before the game releases?

2. How soon for dlc who if anyone else is cybernetic?

3. Where is KIDD THUNDER!!!

OriginalRazer 2352 days ago

Its Red Skarlet. The rumoured female ninja from MK1. They are oing to make rumoured kharacters etc kanon for this game.

m4v4d0 2352 days ago

...I just hope than Mavado and Hsu Hao will participate to this new Tournament ! Red Dragon rules !! (i know, i feel very lonely sometimes :))

m4v4d0 2352 days ago

For the moment the MK9 selection screen is the same than MKTrilogy, menus the bosses... If new characters (and Shao Khan playable), some from the MK Trilogy must disappear... Rain and Sheeva ?

LivingForest 2353 days ago

must be skarlet the red ninja !!!

Rajang_ 2353 days ago

"Oooh please don't be Ermac with a sex-change"
Agree, that would be the dumbest shit ever
Anyway, probably Sareena, since they said not everyone one MK1-3 will be in. Looks the most similar