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@MUSE have the best production in the world, no contest. Not even U2.

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2207 days ago

have the best production in the world, no contest. Not even U2.


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helo_vato 2062 days ago

oh fuuuuuuuck

ViivaLaGloriia 2153 days ago

hell yes! <3

laviesanslair 2169 days ago

:0 omg, Muse &#9829

Daniela_Ra 2183 days ago

wow, that's great!

DaLolliPop 2183 days ago

ur right lily <3 Muse is the best :)

je_suis_chauve 2199 days ago

U2 ... Sucks.

otaku_allen 2201 days ago


fall_foliage 2204 days ago

It was so amazing, you sounded incredible Lily :) And Muse were just so fucking brilliant. Best gig.

tishtashtosh79 2204 days ago

fooking awesome night!! Agree totally!

Arleeen 2204 days ago

It was a fab gig! Enjoyed your set too!!

LizCatFlem 2205 days ago

That would have been my ultimate gig.

Mulleno 2205 days ago

I went on the night you played, you were awesome, and Muse blew me away. Hope you enjoyed it!

qu3ncher 2206 days ago

u2 set the benchmark with the stage sets muse dont even come close

EmmaMinors 2206 days ago

Totally agree. I was there last night and it was amazing!!

Rabani_Kusuma 2206 days ago

awesome, deconstruction platform !!

paulinitastar 2206 days ago


amberrrroseey 2206 days ago

i saw them tonight!
fricking amazing.
the stage is incredible. <3

sLipBrBa 2206 days ago

fuckin' awesome

carolinabeat 2206 days ago

They're absolutely fucking amazing. I LOVE Muse, so much! s2

_Stavroula_ 2206 days ago