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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

90-91 Lakers vs 91-92 Bulls. Nba 2k11. Me vs @therealbanner. Who u think I got?

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2143 days ago

90-91 Lakers vs 91-92 Bulls. Nba 2k11. Me vs . Who u think I got?


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kjlee6648 2050 days ago


MARIANA25LOPEZ 2053 days ago

doggydoggy dog

l_andie 2097 days ago


_llechemi 2108 days ago

cool hahahhaa

maturman33 2143 days ago

And for Yall that's high capping, its and optimo box on da table..... smoke one bitch, getcha mind correct

maturman33 2143 days ago

1st of all Snoop, y ya'll playing on da Xbox? Get a Ps3 so u won't have to b so close to tv. Lakers

micjones2600 2143 days ago

Lakers by 10...... Oh I bet thts not OG Kush??

AdigaGazhev 2143 days ago


MardiGras30 2143 days ago

smoke'em if you got'em! LOL!!!

atlantadidas114 2143 days ago

frrrrrrresh fit snoop

Denvers_Ace 2143 days ago

man i see them trees on the tablend its already broken down roll it up snoop haha

Velominat 2143 days ago

weed on the table ?

SheUniquee_ 2143 days ago


WalkiAM 2143 days ago

So Jealous

Rob5akaUSAman 2143 days ago

The Lakers of course!lol

ManUthps 2143 days ago

gamer on their work

Campbell_e10 2143 days ago

the only thing i see in the picture is the black plate! lol, you know snoop got da lakers!

SiR_SmokezALOT 2143 days ago

Lakers all day!! but real talk whats good on some of that good on them trees cuz i know u blowin good

sexystallion99 2143 days ago

LAKERS, but I c that good good on the table with the grape swisha!!!! lol

suomynona_noj 2143 days ago

well clearly snoop picked the lakers since that is his favorite team since he is from the west coast