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Anthony from the Opie And Anthony Show.

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Ok, hope this shit works. This tool is at the 2U show tonight at the Red Lion in NYC.

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1481 days ago

Ok, hope this shit works. This tool is at the 2U show tonight at the Red Lion in NYC.


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DBCenTex 1480 days ago

Taxi Driver 2......the Steinburg reimagining...."U just wait OPANT I'll getchu!"

try2bcool69 1480 days ago

Look, it's Bobo Bagginssssss... #hobbitsighting

easzy8 1480 days ago

Damn! 2u must be rockin hard, Bobo cant control hisself..wait, is there a pinwheel behind the band

MikeWayneTx 1480 days ago

Nice "Shit Pic" Ant :P

MattNazarian 1481 days ago

With the beard he looks like a Mexican elf.

Scrappyto 1481 days ago

are you sure he's alive ?He's not babbling the shit outta someones ear ?

Lady_Trucker 1481 days ago

I know you want to shoot Bobo. But why twice with the camera? Wrong implament Sir.

GameTru 1481 days ago

Oh my god - is that the 202 bandit?! Quick call the cops or just pretend like you did.

jsnhnsly 1481 days ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that is a O&A / Sirius XM shirt covering that potato body.

SeanFromPA 1481 days ago

Is that dude getting ready to spill his drink over BoBo? I'm just gonna pretend he did.

Im_Bobos_mom 1481 days ago

I hope you get hit by a bus tonight you fucking retard...I hate you Daniel

relvinnian 1481 days ago

That is some funny shit! LMAO

kinggeno 1481 days ago

That's the stare of a tool who was raped repeatedly as a child

Pogo_the_Clown 1481 days ago

in my german genetic manual 1942 ed.the setback forehead and pertruding upper and lower jaws indcate lower intelligence,lack of breeding possible gypsy or lower race

GrandTheftAut0 1481 days ago

Retard stalker.

hairyass 1481 days ago

Two good buddies hanging out at the 2U concert together. That's sweet.

Joe443 1481 days ago

BabaBooey is a 2U fan???

1bmw4u2nv 1481 days ago

fuckin dumbass, he looks like he stinks. you know his breath is like a shit sandwich

fied1k 1481 days ago

Doh Doh

patrickpiteo 1481 days ago

Boo Boo