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Anthony from the Opie And Anthony Show.

Welll, look who showed up at the Red Lion in NYC for the 2U show! Ugh

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2281 days ago

Welll, look who showed up at the Red Lion in NYC for the 2U show! Ugh


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cg4167 2279 days ago

there should be a little red dot shinning on his temple

moondog3322 2280 days ago

Chubby bunny chubby bunny

driver570 2281 days ago

I smell elephant! Oops I'm sorry @ lady trucker

Lady_Trucker 2281 days ago

Your misery is my comedic enterainment.

Eyesore42 2281 days ago

Excuse me sir, you dropped a chromosome

driver570 2281 days ago

Next pic will be of that retard hidin in ur closet,

driver570 2281 days ago

Jesus Christ ! It's like feeding a fucking stray dog, afterwards he follows u all over!

Slapshotzky 2281 days ago

I thought Fez never left his house.

GameTru 2281 days ago

"Bobo looks like he had the Steve C make over."
He looks a gay, Leboninze, bear?!

SammyAman 2281 days ago

Bobo looks like he had the Steve C make over.

weeniewawa 2281 days ago

he looks like a terrorist, all he needs now is a bomb strapped to his chest

Im_Bobos_mom 2281 days ago

is he walking around asking everyone if they "know who I am"...YOU'RE A FUCKING RETARD DANIEL.....DIE!!!!

theBeeredJoker 2281 days ago

Bobo looks like the caveman from the Gieco commercials

Ratspitt 2281 days ago

he doesnt look retarded at all

Clonegator 2281 days ago

That chick sippin' the drink is actually showing what it would look like to blow Bobo.

Booger_Couch 2281 days ago

It's Stalker Bobo!

BishopAP 2281 days ago

So confident is The Fugitive that he'll check out live music without hiding his face!

ACarnilla 2281 days ago

Cro magnon man????

Scrappyto 2281 days ago

Big fall off from Cornell hey Ant?

phizfrail 2281 days ago

that chick is fuckin ugly