Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

With @maxarmstrong1 and @charliebonney. All on our devices.. Haha!

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1819 days ago

With and . All on our devices.. Haha!


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RosalieLou 1527 days ago

Lance un père modèle !

caroviarmes 1817 days ago

bientôt ça sera plus taper des sms en même temps!

caroviarmes 1817 days ago

soon you won't be able to text so easily

jillmarshon 1817 days ago

you are blessed...

suzzi4u 1818 days ago

or...these are two of the cutest "laptops" I've ever seen! Hopefully they haven't "downloaded" anything undesirable, haha!

suzzi4u 1818 days ago

Lance, you are an exemplary athlete and father! Most men occupy their laps with....well laptops.

EarlaRiopel 1818 days ago

So cute!:)

Sandryn0 1818 days ago

Nice photo :) "Hey daddy, I just show you how to send emails to friends !"

MarioPrimo 1818 days ago

Sweet Picture, Dad whit kids

kokopellien 1818 days ago

hahahah !!!!! love it :D

berkeley_ 1818 days ago

hehe :), you're cool

epicride233 1818 days ago

Sac loves Lance!

epicride233 1818 days ago


fratertje45 1818 days ago

Great Picture

eandjmum 1818 days ago

Go Max! Go Charlie!

KarenWinupsEdge 1819 days ago

and look SO much alike. And check Max he is looking at Dads device!

PEETIEGIRL 1819 days ago

Getting ready for CINCO??!!

SusanRPM4 1819 days ago

Just the boys, hangin' out, post ride (or post photo shoot, as the case may be), relaxing, with a little screen time. Way to go :-)

mariatdillon 1819 days ago

Love it! Your kids are too cute!

mcp68 1819 days ago

It's the twenty first century alright! Where's the nutella? Marisa.