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Dearest @NathanFillion : The Browncoats salute you. Again.

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2178 days ago

Dearest : The Browncoats salute you. Again.


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jujuraptor 2077 days ago


MaddlinGerson 2177 days ago

Everyone who is a Nathan Fillion fan please hold one finger up...

ssesnick 2177 days ago

I see me!!!

HelixDraxzonyx 2178 days ago

Gorramit. Have a belated twin salute from me

walter3ca 2178 days ago

Behold, the power that is Jewel.

annekjones 2178 days ago

Had so much fun at this panel and salunting captain tightpants

Petraglyph 2178 days ago

Congatulations Mr. Fillion. It takes a special kind of person to inspire this magnitude of a reaction from so many. Well done sir.

MelissaLareau 2178 days ago

Holy crap! There I am! Blonde, front row, second from the left.

Please don't let my mom see this! haha

catslikebugs 2178 days ago

wonder if there's a world record re how many people are issuing this type of salute at the same time maybe you've broken it

theMentalMob 2178 days ago

Flippin' Da a master wrecker of fictiticious fenders...hidin' from the Tudyk...

anglophile80 2178 days ago

I'm in this somewhere, about 4 rows up from the back on the right.

megodk 2178 days ago

Saw the Q&A on youtube. Wondered when the pic was gonna come on. Awesome.

xTattooPrincess 2178 days ago

Haha this was sooo much fun! Too bad you can't see my hands up... In in the center behind the camera man. Such a fun Q/A made up for crappy seats!

CoCoescape 2178 days ago

i was all the way in the back of this one!

Violet_Grey 2178 days ago

HA! Eat it, Captain Tightpants!

Screaminweasel 2178 days ago

Number one again!!

scottbrianwoods 2178 days ago

this was hilarious to watch happen.

LamoreVincera 2178 days ago

Two of those hands were mine. The *minute* he said "Jewel, I'm flipping you off right now", both my middle fingers and those belonging to a friend next to me went straight up in the air. It was awesome.

Rabid8264 2178 days ago


valeriemeachum 2178 days ago

I admit it, one of those hands is mine. Such a fun Q&A!