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I made a couple new armors! Well, I created the Lich monster about 3 years ago and made it into an armor today.

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2121 days ago

I made a couple new armors! Well, I created the Lich monster about 3 years ago and made it into an armor today.


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imxfallenx2 2102 days ago

phastor your account is cooooooooooolllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheked char really sorry ):

Zaodlen 2104 days ago

Phastore you must be sad because i checked you account and it was banned i understand your feeling

Ringjo_AE 2113 days ago

Also pls send me the password guys in my email t.mariatheresa.com also could u pls. The hacker's email was jasonretuya.com but i don't know if he already changed it but pls i'm the real owner of that account pls kindly return it back to me. So

Ringjo_AE 2113 days ago

Also my account phastore must not be disabled bcuz of him. He's the real responsible for this miltonius sir i also want him to feel what i felt on what he did to me,could u pls permaban his account?

Ringjo_AE 2113 days ago

the hacker changed my email to his so i can't know it but pls do anything so that his email will be changed back to me,my email is t.mariatheresa.com and the hacker's name is mysticboy99

Ringjo_AE 2113 days ago

Miltonius i've already sent a webform to u about my stolen mem account PHASTORE could i have a reply pls?

imxfallenx2 2114 days ago

im sorry milt i didnt know you make the prices sooooooooooooooo sorry no really sorry milt your the best

imxfallenx2 2114 days ago

well all the poeple who always play aqw have no life duuuuuhhh i just play some times but milt is still the best

Zaodlen 2114 days ago

I like magelord not lich but

RetrocidoNegro 2114 days ago

Yep. I like both of these. So i bought both of these. I LOVE lich. I always wanted it as an armor.

HSsai 2114 days ago

then i better not say how much i wasted *cough*700Lt*cough*

CharonTheShadow 2114 days ago

Very nice as always, Milton.

Nulgath 2114 days ago

I just make the items, I don't choose their price.

imxfallenx2 2115 days ago

5 dollers is a wast on a rpg game jonaqw nutface

Delirix 2117 days ago

Just because YOU don't like them, doesn't mean they "fail" they're both really good armours.

JonAQW 2118 days ago

Why don't you just buy AC's... Sheesh...

imxfallenx2 2118 days ago

milt sorry butt shame on you for making then both ac wwwwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyy crys no raely sorry

Schillehh 2118 days ago

Can i ask you to make the orb on the Magelord armor cc aswell?
now i have one green and one yellow :P

Amiir_Altaria 2118 days ago

Lich armor wasn't made today.. It was hidden in the gamefiles, people were able to hack it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7zAFJU0cGs Skip to about 1:14, you just made small changes to it..

XxthelightxX 2119 days ago

they are pretty cool :D