Elena Jane Goulding


Do you want my heart between your teeth?


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2213 days ago



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alexaaFTW 1906 days ago

you. are. so. fucking. lovely.

eri_stew 1939 days ago

it's so cute.

Emilylouise375 1993 days ago

Your kitten is SO cute :) xx

ChloeBxo 2196 days ago

aww o cute

laraa_reitz 2196 days ago

really, really cute. (:
my cat looks exactly like this. :D

LilyMee 2198 days ago

so cute, both of you :)

Hannah_Cavey 2198 days ago

awwww, the cutest pic ever :D x

jodiexfarragher 2204 days ago

ellie,you are amazing!

EllieG_JessieJ 2208 days ago

You guys are so cute!
I love Ellie AND cats :)
What's her/his name?

SamNClaudz 2209 days ago

so cute :)

SuperWeirdYuwal 2211 days ago

kahcee 2212 days ago

:D Cutest thing ever!

VivienRocks 2212 days ago

Cute :)

DanaScullyFan 2212 days ago

René Brønlund a devoted fan of you and your music ;-)

DanaScullyFan 2212 days ago

I love you Ellie, not the bloody cat! ;-) Do consider marry me instead of your boyfriend ;-) - >

PetterClark 2213 days ago

You are so sweet ellie i love you

conr62 2213 days ago

awwwwww so what have you called the lil darling? u could ask for suggestions from your fans

mel_akemi 2213 days ago

That kitten is adorable! Lucky to have you :)

joecurran182 2213 days ago

awww super cute :p both of you hehe :) :)

ElleDeMeritt 2213 days ago

Awww! That's the sweetest thing ever! :)