Kevin Butler


As VP at PlayStation, I’m a man of the people. And the people need help. Stubborn spouse? Divided family? PS3 deprived? Rest easy. Kevin’s here.

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2060 days ago


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Winzow 1966 days ago

Maybe not gt5, but Twisted Metal might be up for it.

oh, and get treyarch/activision to fix their god damn game on your console please or you are going to start losing customers....

jonsquall1 1966 days ago

rofl, that'd be awesome. Put a jet booster in the back #VPehicleFTW

ImpressiveTony 1966 days ago

This would be perfect for the SambaBus Challenge!

harpee 1967 days ago

I'd like to go drifting in this!

SaskOtaku 1967 days ago

it's beautiful ;.)

KaRaN_SiNgH_16 2054 days ago

NICE.... :)

GamerGuy153 2056 days ago

Kevin Butler - the VP of MOVEing advertisement :)

Siberian 2057 days ago

Awesome !!! Hahahaha

Voodoofone 2059 days ago

Do you just have say 'Movezam' and all of a sudden you're dressed in a shirt, tie and black pants

mmagenius 2059 days ago


pascalbrax 2059 days ago

That's too much! It cannot exist something more awesome than that!

ThatGeekChris 2060 days ago

To the Butlermobile!

NoLifeKingX 2060 days ago

The sheer awesomeness of that vehicle is too much for me to comprehend.....

faraga1 2060 days ago

I uncontrollably started shouting "Awesome!" as soon as i saw the pic.

KSpice81 2060 days ago

OMG the VP of Awesomeness has just arrived!!

zackreese 2060 days ago

Is there some kind of cover for the window that shows the rest of the ad? lol

Jeffreyyyy 2060 days ago

now tie a rocket to it and fly to europe and make us happy VP of european happines

PDXooo 2060 days ago

Nice... =]

BrookOC 2060 days ago

Jesus would've been proud.

PiccasoPickard 2060 days ago

Possibly the awsomest thing to grace the roads of the world.