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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

What u kno bout this?! Hardest wrkin man in Showbizz!

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1857 days ago

What u kno bout this?! Hardest wrkin man in Showbizz!


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ELaRaideReTTe 1721 days ago

james brown & .. Aint nothing but a gangster party

JosephEvans326 1750 days ago

I Thank God that drugs are Outlawed Joseph RobeRT326 Chayan Evans Usagainsttherest coming soon THsee

westcoastdoll 1852 days ago

baby u look beautiful

MeTaLpRiiNcEsS 1856 days ago

sigueme snoop dog please

4dm5Int 1857 days ago


bauerblackops 1857 days ago

2 showbiz LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kissmylipsXXXX 1857 days ago

Babe you got that feelin

SislynStudio 1857 days ago

you should really treasure that photo snoop...loving it!

philippe1313 1857 days ago

For sur! ! JB feat. Snoop DOGG. Do u do something together? ?

BreakTime30 1857 days ago


MyCatGtUrTongue 1857 days ago

You both must have been extremely honored to take this picture together. Treasure it always!!

Tasha_Cherish 1857 days ago

Hey snoop I heard all his music in my house hold

dEniMenT 1857 days ago

but I do, so let's play, and do some events, yeah?

dEniMenT 1857 days ago

hey check out my page, maybe we can work together... I am in the industry, tryin to do good thangs, one of tha homies said they ain't got the industry helpin' 'em in the fund raising promo's

Maywow 1857 days ago

That's what's up

Dan_420 1857 days ago

Gotta raise a glass every xmas. Legend!!

MiddleMacBoy 1857 days ago

Whts good bigg homie this MiddleMacBoy jus giving u a headz up on err thang u do bro keep up the hard wrk holla bac 1 time when u get chance

dwissie 1857 days ago

DoggFather & GodFather of Soul" thats about right

CaliO_o 1857 days ago

on xmas we used to sing silent its I Feel Good!!!!!

OlgaSannikova 1857 days ago

What about Michael?Wasn't he the hardest workin one?? Respect to James surely